FOUND: Who turned up to the 30 year reunion:


Paul Andrew
Peter Asimus
Dave Aston
John Bowmer
Grant Butterfield
Kate (Chappelow) Cheneval
Mark Chigwidden
Manuel Cilia
David Cleary
Jodi (Connelly) Horrell
Paul Cooper
Therese Cox
Steve Crawford
Jonathan Docking
Peter Donaghy
Jeff Dooley
Jenny Doran
Chris Durante
Sue (English) Wilson
Pat Feeney
Brendan FitzPatrick
Carolyn (Gallagher) Bryant
Michael Giles
Louise Green
Therese Griffith
Damian Hurst
Elizabeth Kee
Robert Kilgannon
Judy L
Maryanne (Lane) Macnamara
John Lee
Andrew Lowy
Mark Lucas
Peter Lynch
Mark McAlister
Paula (McWilliams) Hamling
David McCabe
Fran Molloy
Nikhil Nair
Stephen Nethery
Steve Newcombe
John Olovich
Terry O’Riordan
Therese (Perfrement) Carroll
Kim Robson
Bronwyn (Rodley) Barbuto
Jakinta Ryan
Debbie (Salmon) Mulcahy
Deborah (Surace) Perrett-Surace
Myra (Sheehan) Smith
Helen Stannard
Michelle Sullivan
Tracey Townsend
Tony Vaughan
Annie Villa
Gavin Wright


Knew – but didn’t make it:
Kim (Abbot) Sammut
Lyn (Abel) Rex
Annette (Barker) Edwards
Carolyn (Armstrong) Politis (lives in USA)
Andrew Baker
Joanne Bezzina
Robert Biasetto
Mandy (Bracken) Spicer
Jenni (Breen) Shepherd (living on north coast)
Trent Brennan
Maree (Brooks) Evans (travelling the world and making us all jealous with her FB pics)
Joe Cacciola
Pip (Calverley) O’Brien (lives in Newcastle)
Adam Camilleri
Peter Cooper (working in QLD)
Anne-Marie Cruden
Bruce Dalmazzo
Lisa (Duggan) Frazer
Philip Dunne
Anne (Harrison) Cichra
Carmel Fitzpatrick
Therese Flynn-Clarke
Lisa French
Liz (Jackson) Fenech
Sam Figallo
Kim (Hardwick) Davies (lives in UK)
Mick Hill
Chris Howard (lives in Sweden)
Kerrie Hughes (getting married)
Barbara Kiemski
Anthony Jessop
Paul Jones (lives in Melbourne)
Mimmo Lubrano (band commitment at Club Cronulla)
Linda Maher
Kathy Matthew
Dr Monica (McGrath) Lahra (delivering a presentation to WHO in Vietnam)
Carolyn (McMahon) Malouf
Jacinta (Minahan) Craine
Jenny Moreburger
John Newbury
Karlene O’Shannessy
Catherine O’Sullivan
Sandra Overall
Adrian Porter
Jane Raftery
Craig Rayner (lives in UK)
Kathryn (Robertson) Turnbull
Cathy (Slade) Craig
Margaret Spencer
Dary Sulich (lives in USA)
Jodie (Sey) McKay
Julie (Scanlan) Farquhar
Maree Singleton
Michael Stapleton
Sandra Tagliapietra
Colin Turnbull
Margaret (Turner) Lucas
Paul Tonge (work commitment)
Julie (Venables) Baker
Martin Way

5 thoughts on “FOUND: Who turned up to the 30 year reunion:

  1. Mark Lucas – definately coming cause he’s driving me and Donags there!!!! Pete’s staying overnight so there’s NO room left at the inn (unless you want to sleep on blow up bed). Judy Lawson and Louise Green are PUMPED for a big night! Steve Crawford is IN (just can’t use Facebook properly). Tracking down Eamon Shanley…….Damian Hurst should be there too (reminded Byron Hurst about it at school). YAY TEAM!!!!

  2. Lisa French is busy that night, as is Kerry Hughes who is getting married. Have told Cathy Slade, Annie Villa and Carmel Fitzpatrick (I think). SMS’d Bruce Dalmazzo but haven’t heard back.
    Will try to get Annie to contact Julie (Venables) and Andrew Baker as well as Michelle Sullivan and Jenny Morberger.
    – Myra

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