Committee minutes



July 2011 at Royal Motor Yacht Club – download as PDF File

(Not sure why it wasn’t 1999 given the last one was 1989? But we partied like it was … )

Dela ’81 School Reunion Organising Committee

Meeting Minutes – Wed August 8th 2011
At the Rose Hotel
Attending : John Lee, Jon Docking, Fran M, Jenny Doran and Carolyn McMahon

Apologies : Mark Lucas (who wants John Lee to apologise for changing the date since he definitely would have been able to be there on the 1st Aug); Carolyn Gallagher (good excuse to do with flights or something); Jodie Sey (on a cooking course ?);

1. Next meeting : back at the Rose Hotel, Wednesday September 5th, 7:30 pm.

Administrative matters : No more wine for Jenny Doran at reunion meetings; John Lee to buy all the beer tonight because he made us all change the date of the meeting; several pizzas tested & the tandoori chicken one rated highest overall; if you are reading this just be grateful that all comments about various breasts and teenage fantasies have been edited
from the minutes.

2. Negotiations with Rick from the Rose on what areas he will rope off for us, [NOTE : as if his regular clientele would want to be anywhere NEAR us..], where to put the Brothers and other special guests, and where we can screen the revolving picture gallery without getting the laptop knocked off … also food & drink & prices …

3. Tickets & prices. The Lanyard displayed and approved — good job Fluke & Jen — and approximately 20 minutes of general discussion followed about various hole punches (the banana one was voted in) and what colour cords they should have. $25 will cover food, one drink on arrival, and will cover the special guests.

4. Jen has done an impressive invitation, the mailing list and invitation checked for glaring errors and omissions & approved for mailout.

5. No partners. Unless you married someone from school. (Approximately 70 minutes of irrelevant discussion edited out here).

6. 6pm start. The Rose closes at midnight, committee to research what pub to go to after this one …

7. Jodie Sey to contact all the parishes and school newsletters & place notices.

8. Committee to wear school uniform. Cross dressing is not only approved, it is highly recommended.

9. Carolyn G, we are still waiting for the Year 10 list from De La Salle.

10. Jen to mail out the little handout things for us to give people we see on the street. (Mark, you can’t just tell them the time & date, they have to buy a TICKET …. )

11. Negotiations with Westbus to provide transport to the Shire are continuing …

12. Serious discussion about the history of the school & students followed, cannot be repeated due to possible defamation liability.


Lost in the mists of time.

Theme: “See out the Eighties with your old school Mateys”


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